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staten island

New Year’s Resolutions for Staten Island from Superstorm Sandy

January 02 2013 Blog

With the New Year we always talk about resolutions or decisions that always seem to involve some kind of change. Change…making or becoming different…variance from the routine…to exchange or replace..this is how we define “change”.  Some changes are planned and intentional while others are surprises and forced upon us.  We can have the external influence […]

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Staten Island’s Struggle with Sandy

November 03 2012 Blog

Hurricane Sandy – October 29-30, 2012     I thought last year’s snow storm was unusual and bad enough but this year’s hurricane has certainly superceded that. We lost power early Monday before the storm even hit, so when it did make landfall that evening it was a frightening event being in complete darkness and […]

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What Club Should I Use?

October 16 2012 Golfing Tips

Knowing how far you hit the ball with each club in the bag is vital information that will determine your strategy and club selection on every shot.  Without that knowledge at your disposal, your club selection for any shot is nothing more than guesswork with more missed greens and unexpected trips into hazards. Instead of […]

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Putting Drills to Lower Your Score

October 02 2012 Golfing Tips

There are 2 important factors when it comes to putting…distance and direction.  Of the two, distance is most important as speed will also control direction or break.  So let’s address speed control first as this is the reason most players will 3 putt or worse. 1. Distance Control: Control the distance or speed of your […]

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Maintain “Triangle” Using Your Core

September 18 2012 Golfing Tips

Ray Rapcavage @GolfSwingShirt stopped by the club last week and introduced a great new training aid called The Golf Swing Shirt for us to try. I often discuss and teach a “one piece takeaway” with my students or ask them to try and maintain their “triangle” that is formed with their shoulders, arms and hands for […]

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Distance Away From Ball

September 07 2012 Golfing Tips

How far away should I stand from the ball? This is a common question I get on the lesson tee.  The club I have in my hand will determine the distance I stand away from the ball.  My prime concern is that regardless of the length of the club being used (shortest wedge or longest […]

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Cast Away Troubles

September 01 2012 Golfing Tips

Releasing the club early in the downswing is similar to “casting” as you would with a fishing rod where the wrist angles are not maintained long enough to store energy.  As a result we see a loss of power and consistency with a high lofted or fat shot. If you want to create more lag […]

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What is Swing Plane?

September 01 2012 Golfing Tips

The swing plane of the golf swing basically describes the angle at which the club swings around the body.  Your swing plane plays a huge part in controlling the direction of a golf ball.  Simply put, you can either swing around (behind) or up (above) your body depending upon your body height, shape or range of […]

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Match Play Strategy

September 01 2012 Golfing Tips

One on One Match play adds nerves and gamesmanship to the golf.  The game is much more personal when the player you must defeat is right there next to you.   Match play is usually played more aggressively than stroke play and it starts from the first tee as you would like to put pressure on […]

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Unlock Your Power

September 01 2012 Golfing Tips

A common swing flaw for many golfers is to come out of posture or lose their spine angle during the golf swing. This robs the golfer of control, power and solid contact.  As a TPI Certified Golf Instructor and from a biomechanical standpoint it is critical to be able to properly load the gluteus (butt) […]

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