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AimPoint Putting System Explained

May 20 2013 Golfing Tips

World’s #1 Green Reading System with Mark Sweeney I attended an AimPoint seminar with it’s founder Mark Sweeney during the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL recently and wanted to share what seems to be a hot trend on the tour right now and maybe for you too. Players currently using system include #1 World […]

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My Book Review for “Unconscious Putting” by Dave Stockton

April 15 2013 Golfing Tips

  Unconscious Putting by Dave Stockton & Matthew Rudy Dave Stockton’s number one concept is to have a player discover their putting “signature” and learn how to stay committed to that natural unconscious signature. You don’t need to think about how to sign your name…you just instinctively do it. Mr. Stockton believes any too deliberate […]

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Personality Types for Golf – DOPE Bird Analysis

April 08 2013 Golfing Tips

  People communicate, think and behave “predictably” different based upon behavioral concepts. By knowing what these behavioral trends are we can improve our relationships and interpersonal communication for both business/professional and for personal reasons. When we can appreciate the differences in our friends, family, co-workers, students and teammates we can learn to adapt to their […]

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My Book Review for “The Golfer’s Guide to Pilates” by Monica Clyde

March 28 2013 Golfing Tips

The Golfer’s Guide to Pilates: Step-by-Step Exercises to Strengthen Your Game by Monica Clyde The book does a great job of defining and explaining what the Pilates Methods are that include strength, flexibility, balance, breathing and mental awareness and how to incorporate and apply them to golf. We come to understand that this emphasis must […]

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Pitching Basics – High or Low Shot

March 27 2013 Golfing Tips

Clubs needed: Pitching Wedge (46-48 degrees), Gap Wedge (50-52 degrees), Sand Wedge (54-56 degrees) or Lob Wedge (58-60 degrees) Make club selection first based upon the lie of ball Determine the actual yardage number to the hole and then what the “effective” yardage or “carry” you will need to play for based upon a high […]

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What Club Should I Use?

October 16 2012 Golfing Tips

Knowing how far you hit the ball with each club in the bag is vital information that will determine your strategy and club selection on every shot.  Without that knowledge at your disposal, your club selection for any shot is nothing more than guesswork with more missed greens and unexpected trips into hazards. Instead of […]

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Transfer Performance from Range to Course

October 16 2012 Golfing Tips

Try a new approach to golf as you head out to practice on the range and then play on the course.  All the time that you invest practicing and playing is based upon your own acceptable results to enjoy the game.  As instructors we can “lead” you to knowledge but you must be able to […]

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Putting Drills to Lower Your Score

October 02 2012 Golfing Tips

There are 2 important factors when it comes to putting…distance and direction.  Of the two, distance is most important as speed will also control direction or break.  So let’s address speed control first as this is the reason most players will 3 putt or worse. 1. Distance Control: Control the distance or speed of your […]

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Maintain “Triangle” Using Your Core

September 18 2012 Golfing Tips

Ray Rapcavage @GolfSwingShirt stopped by the club last week and introduced a great new training aid called The Golf Swing Shirt for us to try. I often discuss and teach a “one piece takeaway” with my students or ask them to try and maintain their “triangle” that is formed with their shoulders, arms and hands for […]

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Distance Away From Ball

September 07 2012 Golfing Tips

How far away should I stand from the ball? This is a common question I get on the lesson tee.  The club I have in my hand will determine the distance I stand away from the ball.  My prime concern is that regardless of the length of the club being used (shortest wedge or longest […]

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