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AimPoint Putting System Explained

May 20 2013 Golfing Tips

World’s #1 Green Reading System with Mark Sweeney

I attended an AimPoint seminar with it’s founder Mark Sweeney during the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL recently and wanted to share what seems to be a hot trend on the tour right now and maybe for you too. Players currently using system include #1 World Ranked player on LPGA tour Stacy Lewis as well as Juli Inkster, Justin Rose, Nick Faldo and Padraig Harrington on the PGA tour. It is also featured regularly on the Golf Channel to demonstrate and anticipate how a green will break or read.

1. First you must define the total distance of putt: Either 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 feet

2. Then you must stand at the mid point of your putt and locate the spot where your  weight is slightly on your heels and you are evenly balanced (left foot/right foot).  This is the lowest and levelest mid point in the putt. Place a level horizontally in front of your feet to confirm that you are at the levelest point.

3. Choose or determine what percent (1.0 percent, 2.0 percent, 3.0 percent or 4.0 percent) of grade there is from your current position. 1 percent you will feel relatively even or balanced with 4 percent feeling more on your heels (upward grade use level vertically between your feet). Basically determine how steep the grade is where you are standing.

AimPoint Chart

4. Then use the chart to determine actual distance number/break to play based upon this data. Hold chart close to your sternum with bold line horizontal with your body then line up degree lines in relation to the actual ball location (use a tee to see the line better)

5. The lines on the chart are BODY & BALL. On the chart, bold black line is your body/sternum once you have determined your mid-break in putt. The degree lines are the actual ball direction (not in relation to the hole but the mid level point). Use a tee to point in the direction of your ball and the chart reading will indicate the total inches of break you need to play.

6. To demonstrate the turn or break of the ball, place two training sticks down with the ball balanced between them, then rotate or move around to show various break from that neutral spot

Need further clarification or more information then check out the website or visit me on the lesson tee!

Some important USGA Rules to know when using the System:

1. Using an AimPoint Chart is permitted under the Rules of Golf provided it is not used as a physical reference for gauging angle (Rule 14-3).

2. When standing at the mid-point for your putt please note that players cannot stand on or touch the line of their putt (Rule 16-1A)

Some Cons to the System:

Type of shoes being worn as well as orthotics can affect the feel of the grade

Physical length of legs – one longer or shorter than the other will play a factor

An individual must tap into their feel more and visually use their eyes less

Grain comes into play and you must adjust accordingly

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