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Personality Types for Golf – DOPE Bird Analysis

April 08 2013 Golfing Tips


People communicate, think and behave “predictably” different based upon behavioral concepts. By knowing what these behavioral trends are we can improve our relationships and interpersonal communication for both business/professional and for personal reasons. When we can appreciate the differences in our friends, family, co-workers, students and teammates we can learn to adapt to their style and function much more efficiently. This winter I attended an LPGA sponsored webinar to help us an instructors identify golfers/students personality types quickly so that we can “click” and teach them more efficiently.

The golden rule that we are familiar with…”try to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself” doesn’t always work when it comes to relationships. Instead they suggest that we try to improve our communication skills with a new thought…”try to treat others as they wish to be treated instead of only thinking how you would like to be treated”. This can explain why sometimes we “click” with some and “clash” with others. This webinar taught us how to “read” people and tune into their wavelength in order to communicate with them on their channel. Hopefully, making for a better work or home environment for us all. Keep in mind that no one is identified as just one type of bird but we definitely have a more dominant “bird” with bits and pieces of the other birds in our personality as well. Also, there are no good or bad birds they are simply observations to identify personality types. These are your DOPE birds 🙂  Have fun trying to label your golf buddies with a bird type the next time you play.


Dove – Diplomatic person…it’s all about “the people” for them in life. The pros to this bird are listening skills, supportive, reliable and pleasant. The cons to this bird are complying, retiring, over sensitive and softhearted. They often seek acceptance in what they do and their occupations are usually teachers or social workers. They prefer a friendly workplace and appear casual or conforming. Their pace is slow or relaxed. When interacting with a Dove, try to be warm and sincere with them while showing personal interest. You must allow time for trust and show that you are listening.

Owl – Wise person…it’s all about “the process” for them in life. The pros to this bird are systematic, diligent, persevering and structured. The cons to this bird are critical, picky, righteous and stiff. They often seek accuracy in what they do and their occupations are usually accountants or engineers. They prefer a structured workplace and appear formal or conservative. Their pace is slow or systematic. When interacting with an Owl, try to be thorough and well prepared with them and support their organized approach. You must use actions not data to demonstrate and be ready to provide solid facts and not opinions to them.

Peacock – Social person…it’s all about the “the chase” for them in life. The pros to this bird are their enthusiasm, invigorating, optimistic and animated. The cons are inattentive, excitable, impatient and manipulative. They often seek recognition in what they do and their occupations are usually in sales or art. They prefer a stimulating workplace and appear fashionable or stylish. Their pace is fast and spontaneous. When interacting with a Peacock, try to be interested in them and support their ideas and dreams. Don’t rush a discussion and try not to argue instead try to find things you can agree with them. Use incentives to affect decisions.

Eagle – Dominant person…it’s all about “the win or bottom line” for them in life. The pros to this bird are leadership, firm, comprehensive, and productive. The cons are impatient, uncompromising, overbearing and pressuring. They often seek productivity in what they do and their occupations are usually top executives or military leaders. They prefer an efficient workplace and appear businesslike or functional. Their pace is fast and decisive. When interacting with an Eagle, try to be thorough and well prepared with them and support their goals and objectives. Keep your relationship businesslike and argue only with facts not personal feelings. Recognize ideas not the person. Be precise and organized when you present a bottom line.

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