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My Book Review for “The Golfer’s Guide to Pilates” by Monica Clyde

March 28 2013 Golfing Tips

The Golfer’s Guide to Pilates: Step-by-Step Exercises to Strengthen Your Game by Monica Clyde

The book does a great job of defining and explaining what the Pilates Methods are that include strength, flexibility, balance, breathing and mental awareness and how to incorporate and apply them to golf. We come to understand that this emphasis must be on a neutral spine and building a strong core as our “powerhouse”. Pilates’ quote that “it is the mind itself that controls the body” and that the body moves as an integrated whole rather than as isolated parts. When it comes to golf, the best results occur when our mind and body are synchronized and working together.

The anatomy of the golf swing directs our attention to the “core” or “powerhouse” of the golf swing. All movement is generated from here and as such we must strengthen our “girdle” that surrounds and supports our spine. As golf instructors we know that the key to avoiding injury, maintaining our balance and making a consistent golf swing on plane hinges on our ability to maintain our spine angle. This posture will protect a player’s back and body from any further misuse or address their pain issues when they make a golf swing.

This is where one of the key Pilates concepts come into play of correctly finding our neutral spine and maintaining it throughout all the exercises and ultimately in the golf swing too. Your body can actually be considered a valuable piece of equipment (your 15th club)…if not the most valuable. The concept of improving our game by improving our bodies is a concept that will yield solid results at every level and age of golfer.

9781569755389_p0_v1_s260x420We certainly gain new awe and respect for what an incredible machine our body is and how intricate a golf swing can be through this book. Golfers are athletes and we must really approach the game and how we treat our bodies as such. Golf may have had a less than athletic stereotype attached to it in the past and that would explain the number of injuries that have kept people away from the game. As instructors it is our responsibility to dispel that stereotype through education and awareness for our students and I think the Pilates Methods can only help.

Instead of seeking a quick fix by buying a new driver it gives us all a more realistic approach that will exceed our expectations results wise. By improving our body we have the opportunity to correct swing faults and imbalances much more quickly and save ourselves from further or future injury which will yield us countless more hours, days and years to play golf without pain and with more enjoyment. The book itself is an invaluable reference tool of clearly demonstrated exercises and well worth the investment. As Pilates stated “it’s the small steps that seemingly have nothing to do with your goal that will get you there faster than anything else will” so like the game we must be patient and the results will come.


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