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New Year’s Resolutions for Staten Island from Superstorm Sandy

January 02 2013 Blog

With the New Year we always talk about resolutions or decisions that always seem to involve some kind of change. Change…making or becoming different…variance from the routine…to exchange or replace..this is how we define “change”.  Some changes are planned and intentional while others are surprises and forced upon us.  We can have the external influence or force (we have no control) or we can have the internal influence or force (we control how we choose to act or react). Change happens every day for all of us, we don’t need to choose one day before the new year starts to begin or experience change. Let our daily mantra be “if not now, then when?”  Carpe Diem…seize the day!

Superstorm Sandy has exposed us to both kinds of change and has made it very different and has impacted all of us on the island in one way or another both positively or negatively. I am grateful that I have the past to remember and I am even more grateful for what today brings. Our new island is the change we indirectly yearn for every year and this storm has given us new resolutions and opportunities for today and tomorrow. A new view for 2013! If we just close our eyes and reopen them with no preconceived notion of how it looked before we would accept it as is and we might even say it is beautiful again.  Without change, whether it be by an external or internal force, we are left with boredom, tedium, monotony, dullness, ennui…sameness…blah…is that really what we want for 2013?  Not me…and I know that Staten Island doesn’t either!

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