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What Club Should I Use?

October 16 2012 Golfing Tips

Knowing how far you hit the ball with each club in the bag is vital information that will determine your strategy and club selection on every shot.  Without that knowledge at your disposal, your club selection for any shot is nothing more than guesswork with more missed greens and unexpected trips into hazards. Instead of guessing….give yourself a test.

Next time you are on the practice range choose a 100 yard target and hit 5 balls to this target with the club you “think” goes that distance.  Out of the 5 shots we want an average distance.  Don’t go with your best or your worst shot but where most of your shots initially land (not where they roll or finish). This is your “carry” yardage with that club.

At this point you can then create a “cheat sheet” on a piece of paper or on a scorecard so you can jot down the expected yardages for the rest of your clubs.  It would be safe to estimate either a 10 or 15 yard difference between each club in succession. For example; If your Pitching Wedge carries 100 yards then your 9 iron should carry 110-115 yards and so on.  Keep the scorecard in your pocket when you play and refer to your cheat notes until you get comfortable with your numbers.

These are some averages for a PGA and LPGA Tour player to review and compare.  If you’re curious to see a more accurate statistic regarding you own numbers try our Flight Scope Launch Monitor with Dopler Radar.  In the meantime….don’t guess…test.

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