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Putting Drills to Lower Your Score

October 02 2012 Golfing Tips

There are 2 important factors when it comes to putting…distance and direction.  Of the two, distance is most important as speed will also control direction or break.  So let’s address speed control first as this is the reason most players will 3 putt or worse.

1. Distance Control:

Control the distance or speed of your putts by changing the length of your stroke (similar to pitching).  Next time you are on the practice green when you look down at your feet try to use them as a visual guide to control the distance you take the putter head back. For a short putt, bring the putter back until it is even with the inside of your right foot. For a medium length putt, bring the putter back until it is even with the middle of your right foot. For a longer length putt, bring the putter back until it is outside your right foot.

Try to keep the same tempo back and through with audible tips like “tick tock” or by using a metronome when you practice. Ping has a free App available through iTunes that provides valuable feedback regarding the tempo and mechanics of your putting stroke and can even make recommendations regarding the best type of putter to select for your putting stroke style. It is very simple to use..just attach the clip onto your putter and go.

Other tempo drills to use include placing a quarter or coin on the back of a blade putter and make a stroke without the coin slipping off the putter. If you are always coming up short and don’t get the ball to the hole place a water bottle in the hole and putt trying to hit the bottle. If you decelerate or “hit” your putts leaving you with inconsistent distances…sometimes short…sometimes long…then try the push drill.  There is no backstroke only a forward pushing stroke towards the hole keeping the putter low as you finish allowing you to feel a more natural stroke vs a hit.

2. Direction Control:

Use a piece of string and two sticks to make a perfect putting training aid or just purchase my favorite training aid the Bee Line Putting String shown below in this video

Place putter under string so that your eyes are directly over the ball or slightly inside the ball. The ball should appear to be cut evenly in half by the string and the string line should appear to be directly over your putter’s scoring/aim line.  This aid will show if your putter face is square at address and how square your putter is going back and through.  It will also show if your putting stroke is staying low and not lifting at all especially for putts inside 20 feet.  It’s great practice for visualizing the breaking line of a putt also.

Use a roll of pennies to make sure your clubface path is square at impact.  Pennies will roll true down the line and not pull to the left or right if struck correctly.

Tornado Drill.  Place tees or markers in a circular tornado shape around a hole and try to hole out from the shortest distance to the longest and then reverse the order.  This is one of  Zach Johnson’s favorite drills. You will be practicing speed, direction and pressure performance.  Try these drills on your own to shave a few strokes off your score.  Remember….always practice with purpose.

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