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Transfer Performance from Range to Course

October 16 2012 Golfing Tips

Try a new approach to golf as you head out to practice on the range and then play on the course.  All the time that you invest practicing and playing is based upon your own acceptable results to enjoy the game.  As instructors we can “lead” you to knowledge but you must be able to ultimately take “ownership” of your game and find your personal goals and happiness to enjoy the game.

There are 2 stages to learning and playing golf.  The first stage is your skill development stage while the second stage is the skill application that you have acquired to achieve the performance-based result when you play.  When you practice pay attention to your intentions.

  • Practice and learn skills needed with professional feedback if needed
  • Practice no single skill more than one hour – repetition is ineffective after that point
  • Have only one or two thoughts when practicing. One can be an analytical swing thought with the other being a performance based thought
  • Practice must include a performance based result and consequence
  • Practice and focus on the 4 important parts of playing – fairways, greens, saves and putts
Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson who were Annika Sorenstam’s longtime golf coach, challenge us to develop a Think Box and Play Box mentality when we approach the game.  When we are in the Think Box we are engaging our analytical and mental skills to make decisions but once we cross an imaginary Decision Line we must then place ourselves exclusively in the Play Box where we are engaging our performance skills only.  In other words…think…commit…perform!

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