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What is Swing Plane?

September 01 2012 Golfing Tips

The swing plane of the golf swing basically describes the angle at which the club swings around the body.  Your swing plane plays a huge part in controlling the direction of a golf ball.  Simply put, you can either swing around (behind) or up (above) your body depending upon your body height, shape or range of flexibility.

  • Have the butt end of the club point directly at your belt buckle (not above or below it) at your address position.
  • At the top of your swing, allow your right arm to form a letter “L” or feel like you’re holding up a tray of pizza.
  • If it is too high, you will slide the pie right on top of your head and may hit the ball right.
  • If it is too low you’ll fling it far behind you and may hit the ball left.

Ideally, your club should match your address posture and impact position as closely as possible to be “on plane”.  It’s that simple…otherwise you will be out of your original position resulting in missed fairways and greens.

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