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September 01 2012 Golfing Tips

A common swing flaw for many golfers is to come out of posture or lose their spine angle during the golf swing. This robs the golfer of control, power and solid contact.  As a TPI Certified Golf Instructor and from a biomechanical standpoint it is critical to be able to properly load the gluteus (butt) muscles for power and stability.

Most players never load their butt muscles during the swing properly. In fact, many golfers straighten or lock the right knee completely before they even finish their backswing. If you straighten up during this phase, it causes an “over the top” move so common to amateurs and saps all the power from the trunk or core muscles. Ideally, you should maintain a slight knee flex at the top of your golf swing or think of maintaining the same knee flex that you started with at the address posture.  This should feel like a semi squat.

If you think you straighten or lock your right knee, a good way to experience or to feel the ideal backswing position it to “try and hit some practice shots on the range with your right heel raised off the ground an inch or so.  This will make it very difficult for you to straighten or lock your right knee/leg.  Try this tip next time you practice with a purpose for more power and stability in your golf swing!

Try to keep right knee flexed at the top of your swing.

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