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Maintain “Triangle” Using Your Core

September 18 2012 Golfing Tips

Ray Rapcavage @GolfSwingShirt stopped by the club last week and introduced a great new training aid called The Golf Swing Shirt for us to try. I often discuss and teach a “one piece takeaway” with my students or ask them to try and maintain their “triangle” that is formed with their shoulders, arms and hands for the start of their swing until their hands are just below waist level.  This funky shirt gets you there immediately without any thought…just put the shirt on and you will feel immediately what we as instructors are always trying to communicate to you with words.

Other training aids are usually only effective with a half swing but you can go ahead and make a full swing in this shirt. The compression fabric allows just enough freedom while at the same time letting the golfer “feel” what a connected golf swing is like.  This shirt takes what I consider to be the “small muscles” (hands, wrists and elbows) out of the takeaway portion of the swing and allows the “big muscles” (back, shoulders and core) to be the engine and powerhouse of your swing.

So, if you consider yourself to be more of a “feel” player and need physical tips to learn then you may want to consider giving this shirt a try. It is available in 8 different sizes based upon your weight and as an added bonus this product is actually made in the U.S.A.

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