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Cast Away Troubles

September 01 2012 Golfing Tips

Releasing the club early in the downswing is similar to “casting” as you would with a fishing rod where the wrist angles are not maintained long enough to store energy.  As a result we see a loss of power and consistency with a high lofted or fat shot.

If you want to create more lag or power in your swing like Sergio Garcia, Rickie Fowler or Ben Hogan this requires a golfer maintaining their right elbow and wrist hinge angle until waist level when making the downswing.

Visually draw a line from waist level across and imagine being immersed into a pool at that depth.  When you make your downswing you want to feel your hands entering or splashing into the pool first not the club shaft or head.  If the club head enters the water first or at the same time as your hands then you are losing power or “casting” the club.

Try a split grip with your left hand in it’s normal position on top but with your right hand much lower on the grip…almost to the shaft and make full swings with this temporary training drill.  It should almost feel like you are making a hockey slap shot.  This drill will keep the right elbow and wrist hinged longer thereby creating the feeling of lag.


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