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Broken Tees

July 30 2012 Golfing Tips

If your find that your pockets aren’t deep enough for the supply of tees you need to
complete a round of golf then this tip is for you. Try to make the following adjustments
when using your driving club.

1. Widen your stance a little bit and position the golf ball in line with your left heel
with the equator of the golf ball level or higher than the top line of your driving

2. Weight distribution at address should be 50% on right side and 50% on left side.

3. On your downswing try to imagine swinging on a more horizontal plane like a
baseball player swinging a bat instead of a vertical or steep chopping motion
down to the golf ball.

4. At impact imagine a nail partially driven into the back of the golf ball with your
clubface being the hammer that will drive the nail completely through the ball.

5. Finish with most or 90% of your weight on your left side.

This will encourage you to make impact with the golf ball on an ideal plane to eliminate
breaking tees. Hopefully, you will only need two or three tees to manage you through a
round of golf with longer drives!

© 2019 Christine M Reuss